Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rosses & Anniversary

mane dtg bny tuh pn xtau ahaha
waaaaaaaaaaa .. im so happy & good mood today
finally..i dun have to counting days again n again
bcz its over!!today my anniversary..uwaaaaaaaaa..

my planing 1st planing -
is How's sweet if i get Pink Rosess
auchhh..i dunno y but im hardly wanted the Baby Pink roses
i hope i get it~ ngeeee ;)

my seconly Planing is -
Spend time with my beloved boyfie is our day baby ;)
heee.. muwahh!! love u..

my 3rd planing is-
Shopping to Be a preety,sweet,cute,adrobel,memorabel and all [me] & smart [bf] on our Dinner :)i Hope we'll enjoy n have fun ..on our dinner..

my 4rd planing is-
go Dinner at "The Cave Coupel Rest" [SS2] recomanded by my beloved darl Zety ;)
thanx darling..i hope i will enjoy tonite ..heee.. beb I love ur idea its really daBoOOoMmMm!!the enviroment so nice n romantic..[xpg lagi da puji2 harap2 xmenghapakn] hehehe.. now im feel excited + Nervouse + Romantic eheheh ;p

i Hope everything will be fine ;) aminn!!