Monday, February 9, 2009

F1 Grand Prix of Malaysia

Last Sat im goIng to Interview for F1 Girl ;)
uhu i hope i got d change to join F1 group for this yr
ppl there are so cool n eazy going ppl..
if i got da one who really super duper happy!!
at leas i have expirence dat whut i want beside MONEY!!
heheehe ;p

The day of interview : Step 1
1st - isi Borang
2nd - attach pic terpaksa bg pic yg 4yrs back [no choice]
3rd - take masurement mine is 34,27,35 uhuhu
4th - height :uhuk paling Blushing time nie sb me plg shorty!!

Step 2
1st - Interview with petronas ppl
2nd - catwalk
3rd - Discussion

uhuuhu..masa nk blk tuh me dpt Offer for GP Motor for this March
waaa im happy n tros change num ;)hehehe!!! i hope sgt if xdpt F1 me dpt GP pn
me da okiess!! butt..if xde rezeki nk bwat mcm mane ape pn im readdy to face it!!