Thursday, June 25, 2009


i :: Love:: ur dance moves..

MICHAEL JACKSON,The world-famous superstar converted to
Islam at a ceremony at a friend’s mansion in Los Angeles
on Thursday (November 20). The 50-year-old superstar changed
his name to Mikaeel after the conversion. awww.."mikaeel" so
nice i love your name.. ;)

Mikaeel,u are so Famous in the World everyone know u.. & some
of them love to be you..[micheal Jackson wanna be] eheh..
but for sure not me.. i can't be superb like u..

**Michael Jackson was a supreme talent
** "King of Pop"
** "Legend"
**The King of Pop, who will be forever immortalized for
his world-famous, trademark dance moves and chart-topping
success,was arguably one of the most popular recording
artists of all time,his success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
** WoOoWWw..u The Best!!! da most important is
dun forget that your fans all over the world.. ;D yuppee~

The “King of Pop” Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50 [Today]
**Cardiac arrest this morning. Died in hospital in LA after CPR
& short coma.

Komen rakan artis tentang kematian Michael:

Madonna: "Saya tidak henti menangis selepas
mendengar berita sedih ini."

Cher:" Michael adalah penari dan penyanyi yang terhebat."

Dione Warwick: "Kita telah kehilangan seorang ikon."

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Beliau ada ikon yang sangat berpengaruh."

Donna Summer:"Michael adalah seorang yang sukakan kesempurnaan."

Brooke Shields:"Hati saya amat sedih dengan kematian Michael.
Dia seorang kawan yang sangat-sangat luarbiasa."

Beyonce: "Michael Jackson tiada tandingan. Kita semua
bertuah kerana pernah melihat 'keajaiban' yang ditonjolkan
Michael dalam perjuangan seninya."

uwaaaaaaaaaaa..sume org sayang,admire,like u Mikaeel..termasuk me
yg selalu tgk dkt t.v jee never seen u in live uhuks

~his journey in this planet is over, now we just wish he
will peace over there ;)~

Good bye KING OF POP!
we will missing all about u..
God Bless you.."You are not alone" ;)
we will miss you dearly.

"AL-Fatihah" -Moga2x Mikaeel Berada Dalam keadaan yg tenang!!