Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marc Jacobs Daisy Limited Edition Daisy in the Air

Marc Jacobs Daisy Limited Edition Daisy in the Air, 50ml

A new version of Marc Jacobs Daisy, this fragrance comes complete with a garland of blue flowers. Simply spritz the daisy chain with fragrance and hang it up in your home. You can also pick off individual flowers from the garland and place them in your handbag, knicker drawer, or even your car...

Daisy opens with the luscious natural freshness of wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit. It has heart notes of gardenia, violet petals and jasmine petals that create a luminous modern vintage. Musk, vanilla infusion and white woods round out the balance of notes with smooth softness and warm sensuality.

Waaalaaaweyyy..Besttnyeee my FAV daisy
kali ni ada Limited Edition .. i must Get it!!
I MUSTT>>>!!!! and Finally i got 1 hahahaha
yessszerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! sure ada yang Jeleouse
kan kan kan?? ahahhaa..Kepada Peengikut Marc Jacobs Hello
peeps kali ni Marc Jacobs Ada keluara baru iaitu -
Daisy Limited Edition Daisy Perghhhh..Bestt Besttt!!!
Bau nyee sedapppp... More Stronger, More POWERFUL
u must try it on youuuu!!! Tetapi..buat masa sekarang
DAisy Limited Edition nie tak de dipasaran KL..
To Bad!!xtau laa bile baru keluar dekat pasaran KL
me beli pun Dekat Air Port ( KLIA ) *_*
Im soooo Luckyyy!!! kan kan kan?? heeee :)
Tapi baunye same je macam Daisy EDP botol colour hitam
Bunga GOLD tuh cume this time For Limited Edition
Bunga colour Light bLue + EDT ;) yang ada pun cume 50ml jerrr..
xde 100ml.. walaupun EDT TETAPI baunye
tetap sedap dan SEMERBAK bak EDP..sanggat Berbaloiiii!!! ;)

tambah lagiiii laa collection ;) kekekekee ~